About Our Services

Long work hours hard on your animal companions? Planning a vacation? Afraid your animals’ needs won’t be met while you’re gone? Do you have a pet that will not do well in a boarding kennel environment?

Perhaps you’d like them to stay in the comfort of their own castle while a loving, caring, dependable, experienced professional pet sitter cares for their needs. Sheboygan Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service would be happy to assist you. Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, exotic or pocket pet, I care for all. With over 13 years experience and over 100 happy customers.

Worry no longer about your pets! Allow Sheboygan Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service to assist you. Sheboygan Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service offers a variety of dog walking and pet sitting packages for your pets with an experienced pet sitter who has a genuine love for animals. Service is limited to the City of Sheboygan, Town of Sheboygan, Kohler, and the City of Sheboygan Falls.

  • FREE (within Sheboygan) 1 hour get-acquainted consultation in your home.
  • Daily notes left after every visit.
  • No extra charges based on number of animals you have.
  • I can help with most behavioral issues people have with their dogs.
  • References happily provided upon request.
  • Experienced with insulin injections and most medical conditions in both dogs and cats.

Please call (920) 226-0962 or e-mail shebdogwalkserv1@charter.net today for pricing and to set-up a get-acquainted consultation. Phone calls will be returned within 24 hours. Texting is available, but please state who you are in your message. E-mail is the best way to contact for the best service. When sending inquiries please include your address. PAYMENT DUE AT CONSULTATION FOR NEW CUSTOMERS WHO SCHEDULE SERVICE and AT THE TIME SERVICE BEGINS FOR ALL OTHERS. THANK YOU. Rates will vary based on your location. I do not charge mileage.

Sheboygan Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service Packages:

Pet Steppers – Each visit includes a 20-30 minute walk in your neighborhood. I will walk up to 3 dogs at once from the same family if they are used to walking together.

Mid-Day Doggies and Kitty Cats Too! – (Doesn’t have to be necessarily mid-day. Service available 9am – 9 pm) Potty breaks for dogs and clean litter boxes for cats. Any pet accidents in home will be cleaned up. Fresh water, feeding/medication upon request. One 20-30 minute visit which includes play time. A short walk may be included.

Home Alone Vacation Care – UP to four 30 minute visits through out the day for up to 10 days. Dogs will get nice potty breaks (clean up included), cats will have clean litter boxes. Any pet accidents in home will be cleaned up. Feeding/medication and fresh water provided. Along with giving your precious pets lots of love and attention, I will provide mail and newspaper fetching, and water plants inside and out upon request, plus more! I will make 2 – 4 visits every day (3 visits per day include a  walk during one of the visits). This is a wonderful deal for people who have to be away from home for the day or for the entire week and a wonderful alternative to a boarding kennel. Your pets have the secure feeling of being in their own home and you will know that their needs are being met throughout the time you are away. My goal is for your pets to be 100% comfortable while you are gone !!

Please call  (920) 226-0962 or e-mail shebdogwalkserv1@charter.net for pricing or any questions.

Dogs are incredibly intelligent creatures who crave mental and physical stimulation. Sheboygan Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service can fill an important need by keeping them happy and comfortable while you are away. Should you call on my services you will have peace of mind knowing your faithful friend is getting the exercise, love and stimulation that they all need. It’s my job and I take that responsibility very seriously.

A little bit about me: I have a dogs of my own Milo and Brody,  and three cats. I spent a number of years employed at the Sheboygan County Humane Society as lead dog caregiver where I gained a wealth of knowledge about many different breeds of dogs. I have been a volunteer with GRRoW (Golden Retriever rescue of WI) since 2001. I have assisted numerous other breed rescue groups as well. I have attended and participated in many seminars, lectures and work shop through out WI ranging from Behavioral – medical and all types in between and continue to do so to this day. I am also Pet CPR certified. My family and I are more than happy to help the less fortunate and provide them with loving happy healthy homes.



Brody was adopted through Jr’s pups and stuff. He started his life in Alabama. It was a rough start at life he was thrown into a dumpster and suffered two broken legs. Today at 2 years old he is a happy healthy little rascal.

Simon 9/2001 – 9/2008 & Lucy 7/30/1999 – 3/25/2014





New addition in the summer of 2011 is the adorable Mitze!


Late Fall 2013 my Granddaughter and I went to a park. Seen a little ball of fluff, but wasn’t sure what it was. As we got closer, we realized it was a kitten. Took him home, cleaned him up. Didn’t think he’d make it through the night. The next morning we took him to the vet. After more cleaning, IV fluids, and some strong antibiotics he began to slowly recover. He was 2.2 pounds when we found him. Spring of 2014 he is now 8.8 pounds.


Finn (before)

Finn (before)

Finn (April 2014)

Finn (April 2014)