Sherry is so very dependable and my girls, Blondie and Sassy, love her! If I didn’t know any better, I would say Blondie and Sassy are disappointed when they realize its me coming through the door and not Sherry.

I appreciate the feedback Sherry leaves after every visit and her suggestions for pet care have been beneficial to me and the girls. I feel that Sherry has fast become more than my dogs’ walker, she is an indispensable friend of the family!


I’ve been leary of having someone come in to my home to provide short term care for my three dogs. Not because of them but because of one of my dogs.  Maggie and Rita my greyhounds aren’t a problem, however, Bear my border collie/belgian sheepdog mix is not very fond of strangers especailly when it comes to his territory.  Push came to shove and I had to find someone to let the dogs out while I was out of town.

I contacted Sherry via email and telephone sharing details of Bear’s personality before she made her home visit.  Was pleasantly surprised that she is a border collie owner and had taken care of greyhounds before. The minute Sherry walked in the door I knew she was a knowledgeable dog person through and through.  Maggie and Rita love company and were eagar to greet Sherry.  Bear was his usual self, grabbing a toy, making his presence known and not venturing close to this stranger.  Sherry knew exactly how to deal with Bear and by the end of her visit had gained his confidence.

It was such a relief when I got home to find out all went well.  The notes Sherry leaves updating owners about what goes on are wonderful. It was so sweet that Sherry realized Bear would not eat unless she stood by him and waited until he was done.  Being the frisbee nut that he is Bear didn’t want to miss a minute of play time with her.

I guess the long and short of it is – anyone who can win Bear over in that short of a time is exceptional.

Thanks Sherry for being such a wonderful, trustworthy, caring  person.  It’s a relief knowing you are there to care for our precious four legged kids.


Prior to coming across Sherry’s services I worried about my dog and cat every time I would take a vacation. My dog, Billy, does not react well to being kenneled and has even panicked so much in kennels that he ends up injuring his mouth. My cat, Maverick, has a medical condition that requires close attention on a daily basis. It got to the point that I didn’t want to plan any vacations unless my animals could tag along because I would worry about them so much that my vacation would not be relaxing.

I now use Sherry’s pet-sitting services every time I head out of town. She has done an amazing job and keeping Billy and Maverick happy while I’m gone. While I’m out of town Sherry keeps me very well informed of how they are doing and doesn’t mind my daily calls. When I get home both Billy and Maverick are as calm as if I had only been gone for several hours.

Thanks Sherry for the amazing care you give my boys!

My wife and I had a very good experience with Sherry when we went away for a long weekend.  She took great care of our two cats, and left a nice letter we were able to read when we got back.  Sort of a newsletter of current cat events.  🙂

As far as going the extra mile, Sherry and her husband made a long trek out to our place one snowy Sunday afternoon.  We knew it might snow and let her know it was no big deal if she had to adjust around the weather a little bit.  Our cats are currently healthy and well.  We later discovered she came out anyway.  In fact, our walk was shoveled out which was very much appreciated.

Beyond our cats being happy and relaxed when we got home, our house was absolutely as we left it.  No surprises, accidents or foul-ups. With Sherry, we’ll  gladly call her again and we don’t hesitate to recommend her to others.

Thanks again Sherry,
Todd and Sandy

We are new to the Sheboygan area, so when it came time for us to go off on our week-long holiday, we were concerned with making sure our Pug, Frankie, was going to be well cared for while we were away. We knew we had to find the right situation for him or we’d not enjoy our trip.

I checked into kennels and also asked for recommendations of pet sitters from people that I know in this area, including our vet. I made some telephone calls, checked some web sites, one of them being “Sheboygan Dog Walking Service.” I liked what I read on their web site, so I telephoned and spoke to Sherry Helmer.

In speaking to Sherry, I felt that she was obviously a dog-lover, really cared for animals and would give Frankie the care and love that he would need while we were away. After meeting with Sherry in person, my husband and I knew we were choosing the right person for the job!

We went out of town and never once worried about the quality of care Frankie was receiving. Frankie was fed, walked, given his needed medication, played with, and given the love and attention he needed while we were away.

Sherry Helmer is a kind, caring and completely responsible person. While Frankie was very pleased to see us upon our return, he looked great and was very relaxed and showed absolutely no stress over our having been away, which REALLY surprised me. I mention this fact as when we had left him previous times, while living in California, he was ‘anxious’ and very ‘clingy’ to us upon our return home.

We have nothing but praise for Sherry and the Sheboygan Dog Walking Service and can recommend Sherry to anyone in need of excellent care for their pet.

Dee Remington, Sheboygan WI

My family was gone for 8 days and we were nervous about leaving our doxies, but when we met Sherry, we were very pleased. When we got home, we could easily tell that they were loved and well taken care of while we were gone.

Amy and Vern Thompson

I was so thankful when I came across Sherry’s brochure in a Sheboygan business.

I got a new job with some long workdays and my dog, Jasmine and I live alone so I was searching for a trustworthy, reliable and experienced dog walker to let her out during the day to have companionship, release some energy with a walk and take care of her daily needs. I can’t say enough about how wonderful Sherry has been with her !

She took the time to get to know her and let Jasmine warm up with an initial visit.

She lets me know how the day went and even calls me with concerns she identifies.

I completely trust her care and the extra attention she gives my White German Shepherd whom I adopted from a rescue with resultant behavior issues. I would not trust Jasmine with just anyone and I feel Sherry is my saving Angel !

I recommend Sherry to everyone who wants the expert care, compassion and professional services that she offers for your pet.


We were very impressed with Sherry’s web site and knew she was the pet sitter for us. During our initial consultation it was obvious that she has a genuine love for animals. She went right to the floor to interact with our dog Toby -he loved her from the beginning!

Sherry asked insightful questions about our daily routines so that she could make Toby feel as comfortable as possible while we were on vacation. For 8 days she took him out, walked him, played toys , loved him, and went above and beyond what was expected.

We came home to a tail-wagging, content dog who had obviously been well taken care of! Sherry left a detailed note of the week’s activities which helped put our minds at ease.

We’ve learned the hard way that not all Sheboygan area dog sitters are trustworthy or reliable. We have complete trust in Sherry and strongly recommend her services to anyone looking for quality care for their pets.

Tony and Lou Ann Van Wyk
Sheboygan Falls